The world NOW relies on us to save our environment.

Wildlife plays a massive role in our environment therefore we must all make efforts to promote and save our wildlife. Every species at our centre play there own role in the chain. Here at the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre work to maintain our surrounding and allow wildlife to be apart of it, weather that be insect boxes or our visiting fox’s and hedge hogs.

Countryside Essentials

Wildlife within our country side is key to keeping the balance of everything. For almost all of the areas we live in you are likely to find some of the following animals.

  • Deers
  • Foxes

Benefit of Insects

Our lives would never be the same without the many benefits insects provide and plants could not do without them as well. Our homes and crops would be infested by weeds and pest insects. The fruits and vegetables we enjoy all depend on insect to pollinate their seeds. Imagine a world with no silk, honey and other valuable products we get from insects.

  • They are Weed Controllers
  • They are Pollinators
  • They produces useful products.
  • There are recyclers