Deciduous woodland, open meadows, vast wetlands and moorland once covered the United Kingdom.  However shortly after the industrial revolution the UK’s population boomed and cities began to expand on a huge scale. We began to take over the natural habitats of many native species. Not only this but our demand for food in this country greatly increased so we turned a huge percentage of what was woodland into farmland, once again destroying the natural environment.

This had a detrimental effect on our native wildlife and we even lost many species that once called our countryside home from Brown Bears to Beavers.  Due to this, here at The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre we have done our very best to preserve some native environments.  We have four lakes, our flying lawn has large portions left to grow naturally and six acres of woodland.  All of which attract a wide range of flora and fauna.

We also try to do our part for the planet on a larger scale.  To do this we recycle as much plastic and cardboard as possible.  We have large water butts that collect rain water which we can use for cleaning or drinking water for our rescue animals.  We also have a large compost heap where we can put food waste, paper towels, and manure from the animals, which in turn can go back to the environment as fertiliser.