Current causes

At the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre, we are passionate about providing a caring home for mistreated, unwanted, injured and neglected birds of prey whether from private owners or from the wild.
Many commercial centres breed and sell birds for profit to fund their organisation. This goes entirely against our ethos and only assists in creating a bigger problem. In recent years the influence of movies, media and financially lucrative markets has increased the number of unwanted birds.

Our funding comes entirely from our generous visitors, sponsors and donors whose ticket purchases and contributions help us to keep the centre running all year round. We provide a permanent, caring safe haven for each and every bird or animal currently in our care now and in the future.

Our aim, and the purpose of the centre is to educate our visitors, allow them to learn more about our magnificent and beautiful birds and provide a relaxed, informed and fun environment. Our hope is that this knowledge will prevent people impulsively buying birds of prey as pets and to enable them to understand the commitment that owning a bird of prey requires.

We invite you to come and support the centre and the work we do, experience our fantastic flying displays, and learn more about these amazing animals.

This fund or donation for our project is to enable us to continue throughout the winter months to help care for sick birds brought to us on a daily bases. The funds will provide essential equipment and feed for the sick animals

Last year we were very lucky to be able to build and install new Parrot aviaries, This year for 2019 we would like to be able to replace some of our old wooden built aviaries, this would enable better care for the birds as well as less maintenance and costs for the centre in years to come.

For £15 a year you will receive two newsletters explaining what’s been happening and what plans we have for the coming year.

For £30 you can help support a bird or animal for a year. You will have a small plaque placed on the ‘support a bird/animal board’ confirming your support. You will be sent a certificate of support, a picture of your plaque, a picture of your chosen bird/animal and two free passes to the centre.